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Saturday, July 13th 2013

10:47 PM

Why lead a Bible Study?

Psalm 12:6 says Scripture is the pure word of God. But it also says it has been refined. Why would God need to refine His own words?  He is perfect. Flawless. Without error. Yet His words have been refined.

What does it mean to be refined?  I wouldn’t say “edited,” but, like the process of rewriting until perfect, He picked exactly what He wanted to be said.

Do we really get that on our own? Wouldn’t it be better to dig into God’s Word with others, to receive the full benefit?

Maybe you don’t feel qualified to lead a Bible Study Group? No degree is required in order to study the Bible. Psalm 119:144 declares that the Lord is the One who gives understanding.

Maybe you don’t know anyone? Let the Word open up new relationships to you. Invite others to join you in your quest!

Maybe you’re not sure if you believe the Bible? Psalm 119:140 says God’s promises have gone through trial and error. They have proven out to be true. Just like Consumers Digest puts products through a safety check and brings reliable witness of validity, you can find out for yourself that God is trustworthy.

In more than 30 years of leading Bible Study Groups, I have grown to appreciate authors who add insight into God’s Word with illustrations, stories and examples from their own lives, in order to get the point across. When our group is halfway through a series, I am already thinking about what the next one will entail.

Do you want help finding a study that is right for you? Check out the Bible Study Expo archives, for a sampling of some great authors.



Maybe you will find the tool there that will give you the nudge to connect with someone who needs a hand in growing their faith?  You have God’s promise that He will answer when you call!   


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