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Thursday, November 6th 2008

10:02 AM

What is the High Calling of Government and Government Work?

Robert is asking for opinions.  And it got me to thinking.  What are my expectations of those elected officials?  I definitely take their work for granted.  I expect my lifestyle to be unhindered.  I want my freedoms.  me.  me.  me.  Hmm.  Is government all about my wants, or is there a greater purpose for those in authority?

First of all, a democracy is one where the people are elected to represent all of the people’s wishes.  That means they have to be attentive to those constituents.

Secondly, I expect my government to run with moral and fiscal integrity.  They have a high standard to uphold.  And the world is watching.

Third, a government provides a safe boundary around society.  Safety from within or from without is crucial for security and for trust to grow.

Fourth, government establishes a framework for a culture.  That culture develops over time, and history preserves the stories.  The people in those stories define the culture.

Micah 6:8 tells us that it is our job to dispense justice and mercy, and to have humility before God.  Our government is not exempt from that assignment.

God has allowed our rulers to be in a position of authority for such a time as this.  Election results are no shock to God.  He can work in any person of His choosing.  He can allow any personality to come to power, so that His purposes may be fulfilled.

If our country continues down a path away from God and His commandments, it will also experience the consequences of those choices.  I pray that those in a position of authority will lead with their hearts turned toward God.

Theirs is a monumental responsibility.


2 user comments.

Posted by Sally Ferguson:

Our own constitution is an example of framework. The Laws & Ammendments give boundaries for citizens to abide by. The bricks & mortar have been added through the years, as law-abiding citizens have sought to flesh out the meaning of those laws in everyday life. One of those citizens, by the name of Abraham Lincoln, saw this nation through to a new level of understanding when he enlightened the phrase "all men are created equal." His beliefs shaped a nation!
Monday, November 10th 2008 @ 11:33 PM

Posted by Ellen Weber:

Thanks Sally, I'd love to hear a bit more about your notion of gov. establishing a framework. Can you elaborate a bit more? Any examples? Ellen
Monday, November 10th 2008 @ 4:59 PM