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Wednesday, December 3rd 2008

12:35 PM

The Tastes of Christmas

When you look at Christmas treasures and smell the beautiful aromas, your mouth begins to water!  Aren’t you ready for some of those family recipes that are especially pulled out at Christmas?!  Two of our must-haves for the holidays are my Mom’s homemade Eggnog and Monster Cookies with red and green peanut M&M’s!

Terry Willits reminds us that we need to be sure to serve up healthy but simple meals during this season of sweet temptations.  Our immunities need an extra boost when we’re sampling all of that extra sugar.  

Aren’t you glad the Lord gave us taste buds?  We have the ability to experience flavors because we have 10,000 taste receptors in our mouths! 

The Bible also tells us to taste and see that the Lord is good.  ( Psalm 34:8  )  How do you taste His goodness?  Make time to read His Word.  The Bible is filled with good morsels to chew and ingest.

Did you know that people get a taste of what’s inside of you when you speak?  What rolls off of your tongue?  Do your words build up or tear others down?  Look for ways to soften stress in someone else’s life by encouraging them today!

Here’s another Christmas decorating tip from Terry Willits:  “A wooden bowl filled with a variety of nuts invites anyone to sit down and crack open a healthy holiday snack.  For function as well as a festive look, have a nutcracker soldier stand guard beside the bowl.”  ( Simply SenseSational Christmas, p. 64)

Happy Decorating!


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