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Monday, March 22nd 2010

12:44 AM

Travel Tips

The Uganda Team is having a Packing Party next week!  They have school supplies, medical aids and building materials to load up in tubs and suitcases.  Hubby & Daughter have been laying out clothes and buying boots, Imodium and snack bars. The list of things to prepare is endless.

One of the suggestions our missionaries made, is to “come without expectations.”  When entering a different culture, it’s important to be flexible.  Time tables change, food presentation is different and the language can be a barrier.  But the traveler who comes with an open attitude and a heart to learn will benefit the most.

The school’s Costa Rica trip is also coming quickly.  The students are being cautioned to travel light and make due with less.  They too are reminded to be flexible.  Traveling can be exhausting and nerves get on edge, but the person who shows compassion to other travelers will also receive compassion!

I guess I can also apply those thoughts to an upcoming Writers’ Conference.  Be flexible and willing to learn.  I’ve never believed I could write fiction, but I’m beginning to think that fiction techniques would strengthen non-fiction story telling.  We all love a good story; it would be wise to learn to spin that tale with good mechanics.

Are you packing your bags for a trip this spring?  What would you like to bring along to help your adventure go smoothly?  Or maybe you’re looking for a trip that would give you a chance to help others?  Check out the work teams that will be building two room homes in Haiti!

Bon Voyage,



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